Daily renewal of the spirit

Good morning daughters of Zion.Hope we are all doing great and are ready for the Lord to fill our hearts and do as he will with us today.

We would follow the usual pattern of thanksgiving from 12-1, praying in spirit from 3-4 and round up prayers from 5-6 that being said, let our hearts be filled with thanksgiving all day and be open to letting God operate on us all. Note that I had really wanted us to include intercession today but God is God and he is very clear in wanting to do as he would with us today.

Please let’s all endeavor to read and ponder on: Hebrews 12 and 2 Peter 1-10 in depth before reading further down.

Sisters, we have a calling to serve God and until God says we r ready, we are not ready. Again and again, Holiness is a prerequisite for us to serve God.

It may seem like there is a trend of God is hammering on the same thing, rebuking and correcting us and also demanding certain character adjustments from us but that is because he is and he does so out of love.

Heb 12:10 says: “For they verily for a few days chastened us after their own pleasure but he for our profit that we might be partakers of his holiness”

1 Pet 1:15-16 also says: “but just as he who called you is holy, so be holy in all you do for it is written; be holy because I am holy”

God also demands holiness for his own purpose and grace and he has given us the grace to be holy from the beginning of time according to 2Timothy 1:9

It takes ridding ourselves of a lot of things to be holy, filtering what we expose ourselves to daily and what we are daily receptive to physically, in our mindsets, on social media etc.

and this is not me saying it for it is written in 2 Corinth 7:1: “Therefore, since we have these promises, dear friends let us purifies ourselves from everything that contaminates body and spirit, perfecting holiness out of Reference for God”

The message from God is very clear without us going in depth…

As such, Our prayer points are very straightforward with what God has placed in our hearts, let’s start with Repeated thanksgiving all through and in between all our prayers and then follow on with points below:

1)Lord where do you find me wanting, where have I sinned against you and what am I doing that does not please you? Lord please forgive me and cleanse me in Jesus name.
2) Create in me a clean heart oh Lord and renew a right spirit within me (let’s sing it and pray out of this)
3) Take my heart and let it be consecrated unto you Lord (use this hymn as a prayer too)
4) Lord operate my heart, my mind body, and soul in such a way that only you can take the glory for it.
5) Lord as your word says that you have given us the grace to live holy lives and that your grace is sufficient for us, Lord I receive the grace to be holy today and walk in holiness that I may serve you as you have called me to do to bring glory to your name IJN
6)Lord let me not miss out on my calling, on heaven and the rewards of holiness IJMN
7) Lord, you know our heart desires before we even pray them. According to your perfect will Lord please settle me and perfect all that concerns me that I may testify on our next prayer meet IJMN

Bukola Olumofin. Shalom


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