Beloved, we welcome you into the presence of the great and mighty King.

If you are reading this blog post, it is not a coincidence, our belief as daughters of the great King is that it is by the divine leading and purpose of the Holy Spirit you found us. Your lives will never remain the same. Feel free to go through all the posts on the blog and pray along with us effectively. The Lord has promised us he will meet each and everyone at the point of their needs and miracles will evolve in your lives as it does in ours in Jesus name.

We fast and pray every Tuesday of each week till 6pm of the same day. We follow this order:

12 noon – 1pm- Praise & Worship

3pm-4pm- Speaking in tongues

5pm- 6pm- Closing prayer then make we make a personal request to God within this hour. However this is our own way, you can consult with the Holy Spirit and let him guide you.

Please check out previous blog posts for prayers and exhortations. We love to hear from you and also pray with you, kindly leave a comment along with your prayer request. Alternatively, you can send us an email and you can be assured we will be respond.

We love you and our father the mighty King of Kings loves you dearly. God bless you.

Daughters of the King…


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