Sexual sin

Topic: Sexual Sin
Bible reading: Romans chapters 6, 7, and 8.

Before I proceed, this is not to condemn anyone. The Holy Spirit also convicted me myself  and some certain issues that I thought were harmless. I was also taken on the process which I shall discuss later. This message may or may not be for everyone.  However, If it applies to you follow the process stated towards the end.

This particular topic was coming at me from every direction all last week. I opened my bible it was there, a video link I was compelled to watch even though it was on my phone for several days, I shared this video the video last week. Taiwo led us last week and said God wanted us to pray against sin, in fact, it was just everywhere. I felt tormented! I later got clarification as I waited on God and he said he wanted us to deal with this amongst us and repent.

What is the sexual sin?
According to a website publication, Sexual sin was defined as any sexual activity outside of the husband and wife union as a violation of God’s gift. ( But most of us are married you say, well I said the same! Fornications, homosexuality, pornography, masturbation and lust are all violations of God’s intent when he created sexual acts (I Corinthians 6:9, Galatian 5: 19-20) and unless we want to deceive ourselves there are several married people who engage in sexual activities outside of their marriage. One that struck me was Lust, you know that simple desire of ‘oh that guy is hot’ and in a simple minute ungodly thoughts runs through your mind, this I myself have done a couple of times and honestly thought it was harmless. God dropped it in my spirit that it was totally wrong to look at other men in that manner.  However, it goes deeper than this for some people.

The Holy Spirit ministered to me that certain individuals amongst us need to be purged and purified of sexual sin as I waited on him. Sin, in general, is unacceptable as children of God. We are called to live a life Of holiness as our Lord Jesus Christ did whilst he was on earth.

Today, however, the Holy Spirit wants us to deal with this topic. He said People have entered into covenants which they might not even be aware of by engaging in unholy sexual acts with others. Sexual sin cause delay, frustrate destiny and even leads to death and loss! Yes, some of you might be married now, but God said covenant was entered into through sex before marriage and this must be broken, you must be delivered and commit never to return to those ways.

I was directed to use Pastor Adeboye’s open heaven book and was specifically referred to June 22 devotion. Let me summarize, basically, he was speaking on why some certain people’s offering were not acceptable to God and he referred to the children on Levites in the bible (Please get the book and read). The book further stated that “until people are purified and sanctified, their offerings will not be acceptable in heaven”

For some of us we have come into sexual sin simply by having a filthy heart, engaging in unholy sexual practices even with our partners, Lusts, masturbation, and pornography.
Some people even dwell on LUSTFUL past events in previous relationships. Some of you might say men do the same or even worse. However, God is saying to you work out your own salvation and pray for your men.
As we have been discussing, our God is a Holy God and if he must dwell in us and us in him, we must repent and commit to not engage in these acts anymore.

The Lord took me through a process and he asked me to share with you all as well and when I was told to share this on the group and people have to do same, I actually exclaimed!!! As when he took me through the process I thought, thank you, God, this is what you will have me do, I accepted and was about to move until he said, you will share this topic and also ask my daughters to go through the same process.


Before I proceed, please note if you are unable to do this today because of work or other commitment, please choose a day when you will be at home. However, I believe this must be done before you proceed to the next blog post.


• Holy Spirit I thank you for your revelation, this is grace unmerited. I worship you
• Father, please forgive me all my known and unknown sins
• Confess all sins before him and ask for forgiveness
• I repent of every hidden sin, all ungodly thoughts, and hypocrisy in Jesus name
• Father, please purify me from all sexual sins by the blood of Jesus
• Deliver from all sexual immoralities please name them before him.
• The Holy Spirit says someone among us should also ask to be free from pornographic addiction. Pray seriously to advert delay due to this! Promise God to stop.
• Pray to be delivered from soul tie, and ask that God would break any covenant that you might have been entered through sex. As you pray the Lord will grant your request in Jesus name
• pray that God will purify you from the inside out, and You will never return to my sinful nature in Jesus name.
.Pray for your partners that in anyway that might have committed the sin that God in his mercies should purify and not put their sins on you or your children.
• God, please see in me the purified blood of Jesus that washes me from my head to the souls of our feet.
.Thank God for answered prayers

After praying before you eat at 6 pm please do this

• Get a bottle of water and pray into it, plead the blood of Jesus 21 times or as many times as you are led and ask God to purify it. Pour some into your bathing water and drink the rest. You can give your partners some of the water to drink as well.
• Take a bath
• Anoint yourself with anointing oil (Pray into anointing oil as well)
• Do not wear the clothes you wore after, please wash them before you put them on you again.
(Some people might need to do this more than once, two or three times or as the Lord leads, do it with prayers and fasting and always end with this process the Lord says)

What is the significance of this, I sought the Lord and I must be honest with you I did not want to share this, I was directed to read the book of 2 Samuel 12 (Please read). Here King David had committed a sexual sin with another man’s wife and even killed the man so he could marry the wife, and God sent Prophet Nathan to him, that the child would die and that he would bring the disaster upon David. When the Prophet had related the message to David, he was disrupt in his spirit and he waited on the Lord for days. Eventually the Son died despite All the prayers David rendered. What David did when he heard the son had died was astounded however, read- So David got up from the ground, bathed, put on oil, and changed his clothes. He went to the house of the Lord and worshiped. Then, when he entered his palace, he requested that food be brought to him, and he ate. -2 Samuel 12:20. This was a man that had cried and refused to eat for days, but upon hearing that the boy had died he did that. Even when his servants enquired why he did that, he simply told them there was nothing else he could do.

He knew the decree of the Lord must stand but he also knew what he must do going forward. Or was this an instruction God gave David as he waited, we are not told. As you all know David was a man who knew the Lord and very well understood the ways of God and the realms of the spirit.

David and his wife were later blessed by a son King Solomon and through the house of David our Lord Jesus Christ was born. Please ensure you pray and go through the process of it applies to you.

Unholy Sexual Acts!
The Holy Spirit also warns against engaging in Unholy sexual acts even married women. This is what I was told-and do not present your members (body) to sin as instruments to be used for unrighteousness, but present yourselves to God as those who are alive from the dead and your members to God as instruments to be used for righteousness. -Romans 6:13

Sometimes we seek miracle, mercy and grace, these things are good and freely given by God. However, the bible makes us to understand that obedience is better than sacrifice and sometimes all we need to open the door to our miracle is simple obedience, the bible says- Do you not know that if you present yourselves as obedient slaves, you are slaves of the one you obey, either of sin resulting in death, or obedience resulting in righteousness? -Romans 6:16

I also believe obedience is an act of faith and faith, the bible tells us faith as an act of righteousness. -So indeed it was credited to Abraham as righteousness. -Romans 4:22. Therefore if we seek holiness and righteous we must first be obedient to his commands by showing we believe is in his word through our faith. Let us remember that we are called to Seek first the kingdom the of God and his RIGHTEOUSNESS and all others shall be added unto you.

I pray in Jesus for the grace to walk in our full purpose and as we obey him from this moment onwards in Jesus name.

Busola O



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