The Mystery of the Holy Communion

What is the holy communion?

It is the flesh and blood of Jesus in a misery. Matthew 26:26-28, 1chorin 11:23-30. When you believe in what it carries, it delivers for you. But you have to align yourself and understand the things it delivers before partaking. If you take the communion with understanding; strength, health and longevity will be yours and that of your family.

What the holy communion guarantees

John 6:53-54. The communion empowers us to share the divine nature of Jesus Christ which assures our immunity from affliction.
Dictionary definition of Affliction is anything that causes you pain and suffering. These include sicknesses, diseases and any part of your life that has brought you pain or mockery.

Every affliction has a spiritual root. So because they have spiritual roots, victory over them is only through a spiritual source (Jesus Christ). Acts 10:38 says that Jesus went about healing all that were oppressed by the devil. These affliction manifest in different ways – migraine, boils, constant unexplained fever, barrenness, memory loss and various other circumstances such as lack of success in endeavors, being unable to maintain relationships etc. Job 2:7 says that the devil went and struck Job with boils from head to foot.
Matt 8:14-when Jesus visited the house of Peter and saw that his mother-in-law was sick with fever, he rebuked the spirit. These are the example of sicknesses having spiritual roots.
Prayer- As I partake of the communion today, everything contrary to the divine nature of Jesus Christ shall be removed from my life in Jesus Name.

John 6:56. Communion establishes our oneness with Christ which makes us unbeatable an in the battles of life. Matt:21:44. When Christ is in us, we are not tormentable. We become a divine being.
Prayer- As I partake of the communion, every assault on my health is terminated immediately in Jesus Name.

Research shows that Immediately appears 55times in the bible and most of them relate to healing. Christ desires your healing NOW. Eph 4:27. As we go thru this, Expectation is essential. You must believe it and Command that disorder in your system to leave now. Matt17:20- if your faith is tiny life a mustard seed, you can say to a mountain to move…

As we partake of the blood in the holy communion, it a mystery of blood transfusion. Affliction is a drainer. Physically, mentally and financially. It can wreck a fortune in a sweep.

Prayer- By the power of the blood, every affliction on my life is cursed from the root in Jesus name.

What is in the flesh? (Bread) It is the New Testament manner that is superior to that which was ate in the wilderness. John 6:49-51. Exo 16:35 manner covered 3mill people in the wilderness and not one was feeble. Ps 105:37.

Prayer- As I partake of the manner, any form of affliction, tormenting your body and mind, is terminated right now in Jesus Name. Deut8:4.

The flesh is a miracle figure. 2kings 4:41.

Prayer- Whatever is tormenting my health and mind, by virtue of any poison that i may have eaten, in my wake or in my sleep is uprooted today IJN.

The flesh assures mental rejuvenation. The flesh is a rod of power ex 7:9-12.
The flesh conveys divine revelation Luke 24:30-31. Mental soundness and pro-activeness is essential in this age and fast paced world. May your eyes of understanding be opened in the name of Jesus. As far as your eyes can see, unto you will I give it, says the Lord.

John 6:57. Through the eating of the flesh, Jesus exchanges the weak vulnerable body that we have with His.

Prayer- Whatever cannot infest the body of Jesus Christ, I am free from, forever.

Prayer- every form of memory loss, mental weakness, slowness and retardation, I curse them from the root in Jesus Name.

Two things to note in order to enjoy these blessings:
1. Aligning with what God has commanded gives us strength and courage in the face of adversity to command situations to answer and change in our favour, it is not the loudness of our voice, it is the veracity of our authority. How do we achieve this?, it is by virtue of the things we are loaded with. What are these things? The unbreakable word of God. And they don’t come to us by magic, you know them by studying, reading and devoting time for meditation. josh: 1:8. The devil responds to authority in the word, you cannot resist the devil if you are empty. James 4:7. Refuse to be empty, be spiritually current, don’t watch your system dry up. Matt 12:41-43.

2nd Note, the communion was only fed to the disciples and not the multitude. You Hv to be rooted in Christ, accepting him as your Lord and Savior or rededicate your life to Him, if you Hv experienced a disconnect. Let us all Say this prayer of faith. Lord Jesus, I surrender my life to you today, I Confess your sins, I believe you died for me and on the third day, you rose again that I might be justified, right now I believe, I’m forgiven, I’m justified, I’m saved, I’m born again, I’m a child of God. Thank you Lord, for saving me.

We will pray a violent prayer, call everything tormenting you by name, name the sickness, name the affliction, name the disease and reject them by faith. That whatever could not afflict Christ has no business with you.

At 6pm, Pray over the bread and drink and partake of the communion. God, Jehova Rapha, The great healer, will heal us of every affliction in Jesus Name. Amen. It is the will of God that we prosper and be in health 3 John 1:2

For permanent deliverance, do this often, break bread and drink the blood in remembrance of Christ as he commands and no affliction will be able to come near you and your household in Jesus Name. Whatever God does in our lives this week is done forever in Jesus Name.

Sisters, Don’t accept that affliction, It is an insult on your redemption. Medication is not wrong (pls use medicines), I believe medicine is a gift to mankind to provide cures. However, God is the HEALER. Declare now, that, “every weight that the enemy has put on my life, I’m walking free from them in Jesus name”. the prescription of Jesus Christ is the holy communion. The dominion of light over darkness is instant and unquestionable. Jer1:11-12.
Let’s charge up our faith and we shall have open rewards. All our mockers will go into hiding from shame in Jesus Name. Amen.

Pelumi Odutola



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