Prayers of Intercession

Good morning Beloved daughters, I hope we are all doing well and fired up for today’s fellowship as we wait on the Lord together.. Let’s all give thanks for making it to the 8th month of the year for it is By His Grace Alone. (Rom 3:23-24)

Our Topic this week is prayers of intercession:
This, as we know, is basically interceding for one another through prayers, confessions, and thanksgiving. Praying for someone else other than ourselves starts with loving one another like God commanded us. (James 5:16) Jesus Christ even commanded, “Love your enemies, bless those who curse you, do good to those who hate you, and pray for those who spitefully use you and persecute you” (Matthew 5:44)

Jesus Christ again throughout His life and ministry interceded for others. It all starts with having compassion for others. He interceded for mankind by reconciling us with His Father (Rom 5:10), Took on our sins, diseases and pain (1 Peter 2:24). Therefore, I speak to that sickness, that pain, feeling of heartbreak, depression, you have no place in our lives In Jesus Name, be gone! Amen.
Jesus as always in all His ways and teachings showed us by example, He was the greatest intercessor, (Luke 22:32) His death on the cross was the ultimate act of intercession.

Also, let us keep in our heart that when praying and interceding for one another, it is important that our hearts be cleansed of sins. Forgiveness is key! We must forgive and love truly people who have hurt us (Ephesians 4:32) God particularly loves a forgiving heart, He will never withhold any goodness from us. (John 3:16, Roms 12:2, 1 Corinthians 13:13)

Giving is also a vital part of interceding. Don’t just listen to other people’s problems, make sure you do something about it as would our Lord Jesus Christ. Jesus again did this by performing miracles such as when He turned water into wine at the wedding in Cana (John 2:1-11). Give to the less privileged around you, sow into people’s lives, ministries. (Roms 12:13) Give good advice, encourage others, give your time and be willing. There is nothing we give to God and through him that we don’t get back in folds, so don’t be afraid when The Spirit leads you, obey! (Luke 6:38)

We should constantly pray for the World around us, for the salvation of Nations, of souls (Is 33:6) for peace and justice, pray for God’s Beloved Israel( Ps 122:6). We all read the news and see the things going on around us, I can begin to mention obvious examples. These happenings alone call for our prayers. My prayer and hope today is that God will fill us up with Love so that we will be full of compassion towards other as Jesus was, Amen.

Now, let us pray.

1. Pray for the father that His kingdom will completely reign and that His will be done on earth so that the will of God and purpose will be fulfilled.

2. Pray for somebody, anybody else other than you. The Holy Spirit I pray will begin to drop names in our thoughts right now, please mention those names out loud and pray for them.

3. Pray for other daughters of the King, that they remain steadfast in fellowship and seeking of The Lord. God should meet everyone at every point of their needs right now In Jesus Name, Amen.

4. Pray for the Nations in which we dwell, that God will remember and redeem it, plead the Blood of Jesus over the Nations In Jesus Name, Amen.

5. Let’s pray for mercy and grace for family members, for friends and relatives. Pray against bad news, there shall be no loss and lack In Jesus Name, Amen.

6. Pray for the sick and helpless in every corner of the earth, some known to us, that the power of God should arise and send out His healing spree across the land. That there will be plenty for the poor and hopeless in our lands. Pray for the lonely and broken-hearted, tell God to remember them and be their companion and healer.

7. Pray for forgiveness, for the salvation of souls across all over the world, for the spirit of God to come down and take over, and for spiritual eyes to be opened so people can begin to see the truth again.

8. Pray and come against every evil, power of darkness that is seeking to steal and cause destruction in any way in the lives of our family and friends, that the power of God should burn them down to ashes and they will rise no more!

9. Pray for protection for travelers, for relationships, for the church of God, for His ministers and anointed ones. That His shield and blood surround His beloved children across the land.

10. Ask for one special thing for each daughter of a king that you know personally that they are seeking in their hearts. Our God is able to do all things, and according to our faiths, let it be In Jesus Name, Amen. (Ephesians 3:20)

Pray through the day as the spirit leads, and by 6pm please, let us all make sure we say our grace. This is important, wherever we may be, set your alarms if we have to, thank you and God bless you all, Amen.

Ps: pls let us all try and study the bible verses as applied. I purposely did not include them outrightly.

Temiloluwa Adewale




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