Welcome to Mount Zion


Good morning daughters of Great and mighty King . I trust we are all very well today. Be reassured that the Lord is with you and you shall not fail (psalm 46:5). For there is no greater calling than to serve God and to bear fruits for his kingdom (John 15: 8).

The Holy Spirit was very specific and directive about today’s topic. I had attempted to change it, but he did not allow me (Glory be to God in the highest).

This topic was revealed to me last week as I waited in his presence. The topic is not new to me and my local church pastor has preached the same topic at a service I had attended. However, rather than grasping the depth and meaning of the word he passionately preached, I was more captivated by the articulation of his speech at the time and I returned home with little understanding. Glory be to GOD for spiritual growth and for better understanding. So before we go further, please take a moment to pray.
Prayer: kindly ask God for spiritual understanding and for the spirit to discern his word.

Where is Mount Zion?
In the bible mount Zion especially the word ‘ZION’ was severally referenced and referred to as the city of GOD based in Jerusalem. This signifies that Zion is a place. The bible revealed that God loved Zion more than all the dwellings in Isreal-the LORD loveth the gates of Zion more than all the dwellings of Jacob. Glorious things are spoken of thee, O city of God. Selah- Psalm 87:2-3

The Holy Spirit revealed to me in quietness that Mount Zion is the ‘presence of God’. It is where the Almighty God dwells and those that seek him must come into mount Zion. In mount Zion there is the absolute power of the almighty God, the sovereign God that rules over all things. It is the place of Jehovah El-Lyon (the highest GOD). Those that come to mount Zion must first come with this understanding, and know that God can and does all things. Whatever your issues are, you must come knowing that there is a solution in Zion. Secondly, Faith is required in Zion (Psalm 125:1). Personally, I could not have been able to come up with most of my topics without help from Zion.

Who shall enter Zion?
The person that comes into Zion must come with a clean and pure heart because you are coming into the presence of the Holy of Holies. You must be Holy to ascend into the presence of God (Psalm 24:3-4). It is just that simple. We know that we are human and because of our sinful nature, holiness is not natural to us; hence, we must search our heart daily and renew our spirit with the help of the Holy spirit. The Holy Spirit will guide you and reveal to you areas where you need to repent. Repentance is not merely asking God for forgiveness of sins such as lying, stealing, and gossiping even though you must repent of these but for some of us it goes beyond that. Do you know that as a Christian by not spending emough time to meditate on his word daily (Joshua 1: 8) is an act of disobedience and we all know that disobedience is a sin. Do you love others as Jesus Christ commanded? God is a a spirit and those who worship him must do so in spirit and in truth (John 4:24). God knows his true worshipper and he has reserved his blessings for them. If you want to enjoy the fullness of his blessings seek him with a clean and pure heart. Be obedient, bear fruits, study and meditate on his word, and you will experience the supernatural power of God.
Prayer: Father please forgive all my sins name them and Sanctify me by the blood of Jesus.

Who shall receive from Zion?

Let us look at people who according to the bible received mightily from Zion. Solomon we are told had wisdom, such that up until this present time, no one has been given such wisdom except for our Lord Jesus Christ and we know Jesus is God in flesh (John 1:1 & John 1:10-11). If you study the book of 2 Chronicles chapter 1 you will understand the events that provoked the blessing of Solomon. Solomon according to the bible offered a sacrifice that pleased God in Zion and this led to the God blessing him with Wisdom. Furthermore, when God asked Solomon what he wanted in return for his sacrifice, he did not ask for petty or selfish gifts, he asked for a selfless gift that was essential for the success of the nation of God Isreal. He asked God for wisdom to Govern his people (2 Chronicles 1: 10). To me basically he said, God I cannot do this by my own power, I need you your help and I know I can trust you. Solomon’s father David was another man in th bible that experienced the supernatural powers of God through his persistent reference of God Almighty. David loved and honoured God. He also always committed his ways to God and as he result he was always victorious where others failed.

One of such victories was when David captured the city of Jerusalem for God. Jerusalem was  known as the stronghold of the Jebusites and this displeased God. God had confidence that his son David was able to conquer Jerusalem for him and as such after David became King his first assignment was to reclaim the land back from illegal occupants (The Jebusites). This land was precious to God and as I discovered, it was where father Abraham took Isaac to God for sacrifice. Let me state that  before this assignment was given to David, several powerful men of God had attempted to capture this city, including Joshua but they were unable to permanently drive the occupants out.

David by the help of God took the land and drove the jebusites out of the land by using a simple but supernatural strategy. He sent his men into battle by asking them to go into Jerusalem through the gutters (water tunnel) and attacking the blinds and the lames that filled that tunnel. Rather than confronting the enemies directly as most of his predecessors did, they became victorious by the supernatural (2 Samuel 5:7-8). It is obvious that David could only have received such strategy in the presence of God. Else how many warriors attack their enemies from the gutters?

I often wonder where Isis would be or other terrorist if we had men like David in authority today.
Sometimes all that is required is to surrender all to God in obedience and to seek his will over every and I re-emphasise EVERY of life’s issues. The foolishness of God is wiser than the wisdom of men; and the weakness of God is stronger than men. -1 Corinthians 1:25. Beloved what is it that you want God to do for you today? God is able to do all things and he wants to give his people all things. He is able to give you supernatural ideas that will bring solution to all the problems in the world. Yes, you! He has done it before and he is able to do it again.

God’s requirements are simple, be Holy, repent and renew your hearts daily, and lastly to surrender yourself to him and commit your ways to him. The two bible personalities I used ask for God’s will and received supernatural miracles. Even our Lord Jesus Christ ask for his will to be done when he was to be crucified and by his obedient, Jesus was glorified by God the father (Luke 22:42)

This morning as we pray, we are praying with absolute understanding that we are in the presence of the one who can do all things. The great ‘I am’, the highest God, deliverer, giver of life and of all things. Everything you need today and right now is in the presence of God (mount Zion). Therefore, Arise ye, and let us go up to Zion unto the LORD our God’ -Jeremiah 31:6.

Beloved daughters of the great and mighty King, I welcome you this morning into the presence of the King of kings where there is power to overcome. Welcome to mount Zion…


worship the King of kings, adore him and praise his holy name.

Commit everything into God’s hands right now.

Renew your heart if you have not already done so.

Ask for the grace to always surrender to his will.

Ask him to reveal the of your purpose life to you. Some of us are yet to come into our purpose.

Ask that your desires will align with his own will and purpose and that his will not yours be done.
Today as I have come into Mount Zion, father let me abide in your presence forever-They that trust in the LORD shall be as mount Zion, which cannot be removed, but abideth for ever. -Psalms 125:1

I want to experience the sovereign power of Jehovah El-Lyon. Give me a supernatural strategy.

Father give me wisdom, I need wisdom and discerning spirit to pray the right prayers. Please give it to me today.

Tell him today, I leave everything in mount Zion and ask him to do his best with that situation.

Please if you are yet to receive him as your lord and personal savior. Surrender your life to him now and ask him to take over your life. Perhaps if you need to reconnect. Please do so now.

Today find a place to just fall down and worship Yahweh. You don’t even have to respond but please pray passionately.

Please note: It is important that when you have prayed to God that you take some time to be quiet in his presence to hear from him. The Holy Spirit speaks to each and every one of his children, but we miss key strategies because we are too busy. Get rid of the distractions (Switch off the phone if you have to and just be still). I am sure we have enough distractions with our children, work, and just imagine the added amount of time spent on social media. Be still and he will speak to you. God bless us all.

Busola O


4 thoughts on “Welcome to Mount Zion

  1. God is so Great! And we are nothing but thankful for His love and His great watchcare over us! I am so thankful for the great gift of global xommunixation, these words have encoiraged my faith.
    Thank you very much! Enjoy reading it over and over.

    I am asking. the LORD GOD froom Zion that His Love reign victorious in every haeart in every nation. That all men would pirpose to be, as Abraham, friends of God. That we would all learn to put Him firSt; to fins out what Love is and study what it ia not
    As. Spelled out in 1 Cor. 13 so that all children and all people can. Have a decent place to live. A place we can all be together. with God. A family. A home…a heaven on earth. No one missing or left behind because. With God for a Father and. The Holy Church in Christ for a mother. Everyone should do great. Please join me in my prayer and my petion. I simply say LRV today. And forever!!!
    Thank you for your kindness is allowing me to share.


  2. God is so Great! And we are nothing but thankful for His love and His great watchcare over us! I am so thankful for the great gift of global communication., These words have encouraged my faith.
    Thank you very much! Enjoy reading it over and over.


    • Dear Debra,

      May the grace of our heavenly father abide with you and your family forever. We serve a mighty and powerful God who dwells in Zion and his purpose for your life will sure come to pass.

      Please share this exhortation and other posts on our blog with others so they can also be blessed. God bless you


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