Keeping an act of gratitude

Bible Reading: Psalm 136

Hello sisters, hope we are feeling blessed just to be alive and to be a part of another Tuesday fellowship and waiting on The Lord together. I didn’t have enough time to prepare as I would have loved to, different issues I didn’t expect kept popping up here and there but I know it is well and The Lord is in total control. All of the events of the past week helped me come up with My topic as already stated above. It is important to always Keep an act of gratitude at all times no matter the situation we find ourselves.

What is Gratitude?

Gratitude simply means being thankful, showing appreciation, readiness to return kindness. Yes, this is easier said than done as I had to remind myself severely too with the situations that kept arising but the bibles says in 1 Thessalonians 5:18
”In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.”
This word ‘will’ there shows how strongly this is the desire of The Lord and how much He loves it when we say thank you for all He does for us. When we read through today bible verse in the book of Psalm 136, it covers all that The Lord does for us constantly that we do not even think of, His faithfulness to us through it all despite our shortcomings.

I came across a quote recently by Iyanla Vanzant and it said ‘If we want to keep the goodness flowing to us, we must never, ever forget to say ‘thank you’ for every little thing’. Reading more into that quote, I guess she was trying to say how much we need to do this but we must also pass this to our children and those around us either by showing them by example or returning favours. Also in our act of gratitude and showing appreciation to God, we as Christians together must show and spread God’s kindness to the less privileged amongst us no matter how little. Most of the time we come to realise that in reaching out to others we are doing it for ourselves because of the fulfillment and joy that comes with it, we are happier and negativity is easily erased. Amen!

Therefore I must also remind us that gratitude is independent of circumstances. I’ am suggesting that instead of being thankful for ‘things’, we should be thankful for the circumstances we find ourselves. We take for granted that which we see on a regular basis such as the gift of life, good health, shelter over head, His divine protection and much more are all the things that go unnoticed. Book of Is 46:9-10 tells us Our God is never changing.
Expressing gratitude through words alone gravitates our gratitude, (rom8:28) assures us that everything works together for good to them that love God. Gratitude also shows how strong our faith is in Jehovah, We just have to trust Him that that situation will surely turn around no matter how bad it may be right now. Instead of asking repeatedly, sometimes, the answer is actually in us giving him thanks continuously for that which He has done and for what he will do. I thereby speak to that ‘situation’ in each and every of our lives, daughters we will give thanks together over that situation to The Glory of God In Jesus Name, Amen.

Finally Beloveth, Learn to appreciate in times of frustration and anxiety, We may not be where we want to be yet but we are not where we used to be. Hallelujah to God. Because most of the time at the end of those frustrating periods ,  something wonderful and way better than we’ve been desiring always happens. (Jer 29:11) said that God will give us an expected end, for His thoughts are of peace and not of evil. Selah
We should also learn to express gratitude openly and often, this is definitely by testifying of His goodness and mercy. I am definitely guilty of this, I feel I have a testimony every time they ask in church, but I never raise up my hand, partly because I’m like the worst public speaker that I know of, God help me! But seriously, these are ways to encourage others to show gratitude and we should do this often. Grateful for a platform like this where we can at least write.  Shoutout to all my public eloquent speakers in this group!! God loves it, so keep testifying of His goodness and mercy. You are amazing, you know yourselves.
Finally, finally, an act of Gratitude is best shown by our worship! It is even best known that worship provokes fast blessings from God, create quality time to worship God in spirit and truth (Ps67:5-7). Cleanse your heart of every bitterness and lowly feelings and worship God today, surrender all to Him and it shall be well with each and everyone is In Jesus Name. Amen.

We should mainly focus on worship today please.. But before we do that, here are a few prayers we should pray

Father, I thank You for another wonderful day, and for the wonder of sleeping and waking…..

Father, I thank you for the salvation of my soul…..

Father, I thank you, for you’re the God of all flesh……

Express your gratitude to Him in your own way, call Him beautiful names, praise Him, Honour Him……

Do something no matter how little as act of gratitude today……


FATHER, We thank you for the answers, for in JESUS’ MIGHTY Name We have Prayed. AMEN.

Temiloluwa Adewale


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