Why I don’t listen to mainstream / “secular” music

Torema Thompson

Either the day before/after I got water baptised in November 2006, I remember the Lord gave me a really strong conviction about music. How could I be making a declaration to leave behind this world and it’s customs to follow Christ, but continue to listen to the profanity that I did? It just didn’t make sense. I had a lot of CDs at that time, the majority consisting of Hip Hop and R’n’B. Like most teenagers my age, I used to fill my mind with words full of lust, sensuality, ungodly relationships, foul language and worldly success. It had seemed so normal, so natural, but that day I just knew in my heart that my new life in Christ meant I needed to change that which I allowed to enter through my ear gates and into my heart.

As I sat on my bedroom floor, I felt moved by the…

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