To know him is to love him

Dear beloved, the one who deserves the outpouring of our love is the one who created us, the one who loved us even when we did not love him back. How do we love someone we do not know? It’s almost impossible! The deeper our knowledge of God and Christ is, the more spontaneous our love.

What view do we have of God our Father?
Many of us grew up in homes where our earthly father was absent. We were so used to living in single parent homes where our fathers were unreliable, inconsistent and elusive. We were never shown love by the earthly man that was supposed to be the first male we loved. Some watched or listened as our mothers were verbally or physically abused. Some were even verbally, physically and sexually abused! Having such a brutal, inapproachable, and dark view of who a father is skewed our view of who our heavenly father is. Many find it hard to understand that our heavenly father is loving. It is incomprehensible to some that this God is approachable and cares about us deeply and wholly. It is hard for some to understand that he is the Father of light and the giver of all good things.

If you had a father that was present and loving, I rejoice with you, however, you have a task! You have to seek out people that do not understand the Father’s love and help them understand who their Heavenly Father is. Help them know that he is totally and completely different from their earthly father. Help them know and love this God that seems so distant but still is so near to them. Help them know that they are the apples of his eye. Let them know he loves them with an everlasting love. Let them know he has engraved their names in the palm of his hand and carries them in his heart.

If you still need a deeper knowledge of who this God is and how much he loves you and why you should love him back…ponder on the following: He is a Father you can trust!

Psalms 31:5
He is a Father that is able and mighty to save! Psalms 88:1
He is a Father that fights you battle for you and helps you win! Psalm 59:10

He is a God that is consistent and  changes (He won’t say he loves you today and change his mind tomorrow) Deuteronomy 7:9
He loves you like crazy and will not share you with anyone! Joshua 24:19
He is your strong fortress 2 Samuel 22:33

I could go on and on but my prayer today is for you to know him deeper and to get into an intimate romantic relationship with God the father. Be reminded that you are loved by the one that is Love himself. Don’t let your view of your earthly Father cloud your view of Him. He knows you, he hears you, he feels your hurt, he loves you and he desires for you to love him too!

By: Temitope Ojo


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