Prayers for our Godly heritage

Good morning beloved, the Lord laid it strongly on my heart few days ago that we should pray powerfully for young people and children not just ours but children around the world.

May we find his mercy and grace as we call upon him on behalf of young people around the world and ours too.

Bible Text: 1 Samuel 2:26; Isaiah 8:18; Psalm 147:13

Prayer points

Thank you Lord for the wonderful children you have given to us and for children all around the world- Psalm 127: 3

Father put your fear in the heart of our children anywhere and anytime- Proverbs 1:7

We break all curses of sickness and deformity in the lives of our children both born and unborn in be mighty name of Jesus- Malachi 3:11

In the name of Jesus let the spirit of excellence be upon our children- Daniel 5:12

O Lord please separate from our children any ungodly friend/s that will lead them astray from your way in the mighty name of Jesus- 1 Corinthians 15:33

We break any family curse in the life of my children in Jesus name- Proverbs 26:2

You demonic marriage, demonic initiation, and demonic blood transfusion lose your hold over our children in Jesus mighty name. We plead the blood of Jesus over our children- Hebrews 12:24

Every enemy of success in the life of our children be paralyzed by fire in the mighty name of Jesus-Isaiah 54:13

In the mighty name of Jesus let our children enjoy divine protection anywhere they go- Psalm 91:10-12

Let us pray that all children including yourself for you are a child in the hands of God that we will fulfill the numbers of their days according to the good will of God- Exodus 23:26

Please pray for the children of saints that they will not suffer defeat, shame and reproach in the mighty name of Jesus -Psalms 37:25

Pray with these two chapters beloved: Psalm 35 and Psalm 37.

Thank you Lord Almighty for keeping your eyes upon our children in the mighty name of Jesus- Psalm 127

Let us continue in daily prayer to intercede for our Godly heritage children based upon his promises in his word. Declare the Bible verses along with your prayers and wait for life transforming miracles in your life and that of your children in Jesus mighty name. Amen




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