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Evangelism is a profound dedication to spreading the gospel of Christ. This can be done to a group of people or individually. Our role model for evangelism is Christ. He was a consummate evangelist from day one. He started by drawing wise men from the east at his birth which lead them to him. (Matthew 2:1-12). They knew the KING they read about in Isaiah 49 was here. The consolation and restoration of Israel was born. It is very important for us to share this message as if our lives depends on it because someone’s life depends on it!

Christ’s entire life was about evangelism. In Matthew 4:18-22, we see Jesus evangelize to men he saw by the sea of Galilee calling them to be his disciples–persuading them to quit their career to become fishers of men. He knew this mandate was very important so he called for their total commitment. He called tax collectors, accountants to go on this wild journey with him. He would speak to strangers one on one (the lady at the well) or people in their thousands. Young and old, male and female. Through miracles, through parables, through being there for someone who lost a loved one (Lazarus’ family). I can’t stress enough how important it is to share the WORD that is laid upon our hearts- the truth that will set the intended free. Someone out there is just looking for a word of confirmation. Someone is seeking light in their darkness and peace in their storm. You might not even need to crack open your Bible and sit them down for a full blown Bible study session, all you might need to do is smile and let them know they are loved by the one that owns the universe. He cares about them so much he tattooed their name on his palm.

Christ never missed a chance to evangelize even when things were not going ‘well’ for him – on the cross he still guaranteed someone who was condemned to death a place in paradise.Luke 23:43

Prayer: Ask the holy spirit to direct you today on who to speak to today. Seek direction on how to speak with them and thank God in advance for the salvation of their souls.
Have a blessed day! Happy soul winning day!

By: Temitope Ojo