The spiritual man

Good morning beloved of God. I trust we are all well. I pray that God will speak directly to our heart as we wait on him today. Amen Prayer: Dear heavenly father, we give you glory honor and adoration. We thank you for the grace to be alive to worship and praise your holy name. […]

The Armour of God

Good morning sisters, how was your night? We bless God for the gift and breathe of life. We are alive today because God still has a purpose for us to fulfil on this planet earth! Find it! Well, I received this week’s topic while studying and meditating on last week’s topic led by our lovely […]

Divine Protection

Good Morning blessed children of the Lord. Main bible text: Psalm 91 God’s protection is what actually keeps us safe, and not our own power or intelligence. It is great to know that God Himself watches over us.God promises us that we will have His protection in everything against so many things: “He will not allow […]

Report, don’t murmur

Goodmorning beloved, the topic above touched my heart and I thought to share. One of the sins that God hates so much is the sin of murmuring. During the mass exodus of the Israelites from Egypt to the Promised Land, the reason why God destroyed some of them was due to their incessant murmuring. They […]